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Puuc Route

akumal, bahia de akumal

Known as "The Puuc Route(Puuc means mound), this tour includes the archaeological sites of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, X-Lapak, Labna and Loltún Grottoes.

These structures can be found completely restored, others in process and some still covered with grass, trees and dense vegetation. The latter are much like the first explorers found at the end of last century.

Puuc Route

Uxmal Mayan RuinsUxmal

(OOSH-mahl). The most splendid archeological site from the prehispanic era on the American continent because of the proportions of its majestic...

kabah mayan ruins, puuc route

This city was always in the Mayan culture soul, even after the Spanish conquest and is mentioned in ancient texts like Chilam Balam, that’s why it’s supposed it was a place

xlapak mayan ruins, puuc route
X lapak

This zone has a handcraft store to buy some souvenirs. In this site have been discovered many important Mayan buildings, one of them richly decorated with masks of the God Chaac.

Loltun CavernsLoltun Caverns

Loltun means, “Stone flower” in the Mayan language, and it’s the name of singular caverns located at the south of Yucatan State in ...

Izamal, Ciudad colonialLabna

Labna means “Old or abandoned house”. This site has been cause of attention due to its worldly known arc, of noticeable perfection and delicate

Izamal, Ciudad colonialSayil

Sayil is constructed over a large valley, surrounded by low hills, sometimes a little craggy; the place shows a difficult perspective for human

Puuc, Mayan name of a series of low-lying hills cultural area and a very unique style. Uxmal, as mentioned, is one of the best examples, but nearby, you can also delight in other areas with the same style that were once important Mayan cities.