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City Museum - Merida Yucatan

city museum, merida museum

To contact Mexico's history, you can visit the city’s museum. This museum has articles from many different eras of the country, specifically from the Yucatan and Merida. It has pre-Columbian, colonial, independence and the years before it, and the henequen boom and the Revolution that it brought.

Among the pieces that you can admire are a number of clay vessels with Mayan zoomorphic engravings(animal and god in one creature), which belong to the period of splendor Puuc (900-1000 AC) and is found in Merida, a Mayan burial urn and pre-Columbian tools belonging to what was known as T'Ho. The Mayas should be proud because the colonial times advances just a few steps than them, since at the City Museum can admire pieces like an ancient altar of the Nativity, made by indigenous artisans from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, who were in the SI Cathedral.

In the post-independence times you can admire the porcelain made in classification of the streets of Merida, a military suit, it is said, belonged to the Army chief of Yucatan during the War with Mexico (1842), General Sebastian Lopez Llergo, a painting of the Governor Mr. Olegario Molina Solis, the chest of Gen. Porfirio Diaz, and weapons such as swords, muskets and revolvers used during the "Caste War." The building that houses this museum is a seventeenth century building. Its exterior is located on Calle 61, it is the second Plateresco style constructed in Merida.

This museum is worth visiting at any time of year, and it is a gateway to the past for everyone who sees it.
Location: Calle 61, between 58 and 60, in downtown Meridian and Market Lucas de Galvez.

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