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Holbox Island

akumal, bahia de akumal

Holbox Island whose meaning in Maya is "Black Hole" is located northeast of Cancun, and has an area of 42 km long, is separated from the mainland by the lagoon Yalahao, Holbox on an island near Virgin because very few tourists make stops here which makes it the ideal place to relax and isolated from the stress of the city.

The people of Holbox are mainly fishermen, but they can also offer a boat ride to places near the island as "the island of passion", "Bird Island"which is a sanctuary of birds that have their nests on the island or the eye of water "yalahao" in the streets of the island covered with white sand you will see the multicolored wooden houses of the inhabitants of the island.

Holbox Attractions

Tour Swim with Whale Sharks

During the months of May 15 to September 15 is the whale shark visiting the island of Holbox, a shark with dark spots ..

Horse Ride
Another way to know holbox in an attractive manner is through a horseback ride around the island. The tour lasts two hours.

Fishing in Holbox
For fishing enthusiasts have prepared three great options for fishing in Isla Holbox, where you can spend an excellent time ...

Route of the Convents How to get to Holbox ?
If you come to Holbox and do not know how to reach you recommend this article with all the necessary information to plan your trip.

Discover Holbox Island

To get to Holbox take the road from Cancun to Chiquila from here will have to take a boat across the lagoon yalahao (10 km) and begin to enjoy an unimaginable adventure and contact with nature. (view details How to get to Holbox?)

Enjoy the breeze, the sea and the natural attractions of the Isla Holbox, without letting the company of the flamingos, dolphins and whale sharks.

Yalahao Lagoon

As part of the Yum Balam Reserve it is almost obligatory to visit Yalahao Lagoon where you will find diverse birds like the flamingo. This area is covered by mangroves. You can get a tour by boat with one of the operators on the island and swim in the Yalahao Lagoon where the water is fresh and clear.

Isla Pasion

It is a small island that is 15 minutes from Holbox where you can enjoy the sun and sea since its clear waters are not very deep.

Photos Holbox Island

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