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Convent Route.

ruta de los conventos

The route of the monasteries is a great adventure for which you will learn about the history and background of Yucatan. Since the arrival of the Franciscans in 1524 that began the evangelization and the building of many temples, monasteries and chapels were built in the Yucatan.

During this trip, also you can learn more about the modern Maya as you can between mingle with them in their markets and squares, visiting ancient Mayan sites like the Puuc Route and Mayapan, the Caves of Loltún, practice rappelling in caves Tekax, take a dip in and Tecoh Cuzama cenotes, or enjoy seasonal fruits Oxkutzcab market.


Acanceh - Ruta de los Conventos - YucatanIn the main square you can visit two Mayan buildings restored, the pyramid and the palace of the stucco. These buildings are dated to the Early Classic period, between V and VI centuries AD C., but also found evidence of later occupation, with carved stones Puuc characteristics.


tecoh, ruta de los conventosFew places in the world can have a privilege to combine history, culture and natural beauty is one of those Tecoh lugares.En this place you can visit a church and convent dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption.


tekit   - ruta de los conventos, yucatanTekit known as "place of desparramiento" in ancient times, this place belonged to the chiefdom Peanut Tutul Xiu, was one of the major towns. This is a prosperous village where you will find the parish of "San Antonio de Padua", a large temple filled with statues of saints in all niches.


convento de maniIt is here that Fray Diego de Landa made his "Act of Faith" (Act of Faith), when he ordered the burning and destruction of many documents and Mayan statues during the Franciscan movement to convert the indigenous people to Christianity.


mama,   ruta de los conventos yucatanMeaning "No, No" while some indigenous people do not often use the word breast, without an accent instead of mother or mother. On the foundation of Mama (maternal term Water ") is not accurate, although there before the conquest.


chumayel, ruta de los conventos yucatanChumayel is one of the 106 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Yucatan. It is located east of the state and approximately 70 miles south of the city of Mérida.Cuenta with an area of 45.99 square meters, her name is interpreted as "place where the gourd does not burn."


teabo, ruta de los conventos, yucatanTeabo Township is one of the 106 municipalities of the Mexican state of Yucatan. The name of the municipality in the Mayan language means "your breath," derived from the words for you, you and boc, encouragement, perfume.Este municipality has an economy based on agriculture. The cultivation of maize, beans, squash ...

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