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San Francisco Campeche

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The State of Campeche is located in the southwest of the Yucatan peninsula and southeast of the Mexican Republic.

Bordered north with Yucatan State, south with Tabasco and the Republic of Guatemala; to the eats with Quintana Roo and Belize, and west with the bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico.



Attractions of Campeche

historic center, Campeche Historic Center Campeche

Though it was built for the people of the community, this square was used by the town elite, Spanish royalty and political authority for parties and ceremonies....

trams campecheCity Trams
With super cute and handsome "trams of the city" could make a tour of the main sites and historical monuments of the city of Campeche Cultural.....

bastions, wall and fort of campeche Bastions, Wall and Forts
From s. XVI, after the founding of the town, began construction of military buildings. The construction of the first phase were altered .....

fort of san miguel, campecheForts of San Miguel
The Fort of San Miguel is located to the west one of campeche and is one of 6 fortifications that were constructed to the neighborhood of the city.

Mayan Ruins in Campeche

edzna- Campeche Edzna - Campeche

Edzna that means " House of the Itzaes ", is located to 61 kilometres to the south-east of Campeche's City. The access fulfils for the federal road 180; in the km 45 a diversion takes.......

calakmul, campecheCalakmul
It is located in the southeastern state of Campeche. It is a protected area by decree on May 22, 1989 with an area of 723 ....

xpuhil, campeche Xpuhil
It is the head of the municipality of Calakmul, in the vicinity of the population are of Mayan archaeological sites Xpuhil, Becán, Chicana, .......

chicanaa, campecheChicanaa
His name means " the house of the mouth of the serpent ", this archaeological site was an important city of the region of river Bec, salesman of Becán..

Ecotourism and Beaches

Isla Aguada - Campeche Isla Aguada

Paradise with pristine beaches, warm waters where you can breathe the peace and quiet, plus you can practice ecotourism in the lagoon of...

The city of Champotón that in ancient times also called Potonchan, is known in history under the name: Mala Bay Fight...

Sabancuy Campeche Sabancuy
This tropical paradise called Sabancuy, has an inlet of calm water and fine sand is also a place where hawksbill turtles reproduce...

Palizada CampechePalizada
It is a magical town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, momentous events, Cottian in order magic that emanates from each of ..

Things to do in Campeche

Calakmul Biosphere

calakmul biosphere, campecheIt is located in the southeastern state of Campeche. It is a protected area by decree on May 22, 1989 with an area of 723 000 185 hectares, the reserve area is Mexico's largest tropical. Internationally an organic link


Haciendas Campeche

haciendas campecheIn Campeche you will find a variety of farms that are perfectly preserved. Each of them takes you to relive the times of its maximum splendor, managing to captivate visitors wishing to enjoy this experience.



restaurants campecheCampeche State has a very rich culinary tradition. The varied recipes of the Mayans became even more diverse and rich upon arrival of Spaniards and various pirates.




handcraft campecheThe State of Campeche conserves inside its customs and traditions a rich handmade, same inventory that for the variety, volume and production value, it is important, since this activity represents a sociocultural ....



boardwalk campecheThis magnificent architectonic work, used by families to spend time together, symbolizes the new era of Campeche, which many generation will enjoy. No doubt this architectonic model could be used .......


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