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Sisal Yucatan

sisal, sisal yucatan

Sisal main production of sisal fiber is 53 km. northwest of Merida, their means of communication with the state capital is through the road-Hunucmá Merida Sisal. It is one of the ports with great historical heritage, cultural and natural state of Yucatan.

Sisal is a quiet and small, is a fishing port where people are friendly and hospitable, making it ideal for departing and unwind from everyday stress.

The passage of history still remain in their buildings in the downtown waterfront, as the Maritime Customs, Fort Santiago "El Castillo" and the Lighthouse, The House of Empress Carlota Amalia and guns located in the central park witness protection against pirates in antiquity.

sisal, sisal yucatan

Its beach of white sand and green water, are ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming or take a boat ride. In the spring many people and fishing enthusiasts looking for a place to practice this activity, as well as their sides are placed chairs to see and enjoy the sunset as anywhere else.

If you want to eat on the beach you will find a wide variety of restaurants offering dishes made from fish and seafood, and the beachfront is the perfect mix for relaxing.

No doubt this place and at the beach are places that you should not miss, is an unforgettable experience.

sisal, sisal yucatan